HALO’s pricing plans …

starting at $29 per month

  • emergency assistance at the press of a button, anytime of day
  • water resistant HALO help button worn as a necklace or wristband
  • professional installation at time of new service by one of our technicians
  • local customer service staff available to assist you
  • well-trained, friendly operators that will stay on the phone line with you until help arrives

Additional Services and Fees:

Daily Reminders
$34 per month

Monitoring service plus up to three daily general reminders, such as medication reminders and health test reminders.

Medication Compliance Monitoring & Wellness Checks
$44 per month

Monitoring service plus compliance reminders and wellness checks.  Customer must acknowledge reminder or wellness check by pressing “Check” button on HALO alarm panel.


There is a one-time enrollment fee based on location for new service. Please call HALO for pricing details.