What Sets HALO apart…

As a HALO customer expect to be our priority.

  • Considerate and reliable customer service located in Oklahoma.
  • Caring and knowledgeable technicians that come to your residence to set up the HALO equipment.
  • Installation appointments to fit your schedule. Our technician demonstrates how to use the medical alarm while at your residence so that you feel comfortable with using the system.
  • No long term contract. Cancel anytime with no hassle.
  • Affordable cost. We strive to make HALO’s service reasonably priced while providing you with the best service.

Quotes from a few of our customers:

  • “Thank you for saving my life. I almost bled to death and had it not been for you I would have died. I am so thankful to have you.” Ms.Jackie S., Oklahoma City
  • “Thank you.  My mother (in Enid) has already used her medical alarm to call EMT.  She had pneumonia and was in the hospital three days.” Mr. Gary F., Georgetown, TX
  • “I fell over in my wheelchair behind my apartment. Nobody was back there so I pushed my button and the paramedics found me. I really appreciate your service.” Ms. Dorothy P., Choctaw
  • “I appreciate you all so much.” Ms. Flora B., Oklahoma City

Our HALO equipment is advanced, yet easy to use.

Help Button:

  • Small, lightweight pendant that can be worn on a necklace or wristband.
  • Water resistant, so that you can wear it while bathing where accidents may occur. The pendant can be completely submerged in water.
  • Range of up to 600 feet from the HALO alarm panel. Our technician will test the range of your button at your residence during the installation.
  • Sends a signal to HALO if the battery is getting low. You never need to change the battery.

Alarm Panel:

  • Excellent speaker quality, making it easier to communicate with our operators.
  • Back-up battery of approximately 36 hours if you lose electrical power.  HALO will call your residence after 30 minutes of power loss to notify you the panel is on backup power. The battery automatically recharges when power is restored.
  • Completes an automatic monthly check to ensure your equipment is working properly.